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Happy Birthday Darryl Hedding Murfreesboro Tennessee


24.8.2021, 25 year Anniversary Ulf & Senait and B-Day from ICEJ Deputy Director of the ICEJ Darryl Hedding, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

All Info was sent to the Trump Administration 12.4.2018, on 30.7.2018 to US Ambassador to Israel, David Melech Friedman and published 31.10.2018 in "Ephraim's Briefe".

24.8.2020 Mike Pompeo visits Jerusalem to meet Benjamin Netanyahu.

29.5.2021 the TRUMP CARD is played. 

Follow the Money and the Tax Receipts...

Did you give Money to "the Lord"? Or just to somebody who came in the name of the Lord, but on his own account and pocket?

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