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The Torah Club is a beacon of truth in a complex world. It offers a unique perspective by delving into the wisdom of the Torah, guiding members toward moral clarity. Like soulful glasses, it helps people see life's deeper layers, promoting a diligent study of the Torah's timeless principles. In a society marked by confusion and moral relativism, the Torah Club illuminates enduring values, encouraging continuous growth towards a deeper understanding of the world and a commitment to goodness and righteousness.

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Torah | What is it?

The Torah is the central and most sacred text in Judaism. It consists of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible.


Mount Sinai | What is it?

"Mount Sinai, where God's presence was unmistakable - thunder, lightning, and a shofar's call filled the air..."


The Torah And The Club

The Full Torah Club Experience 

Step into a remarkable journey of shared knowledge and unity at TorahClub! We invite you to be a part of an unprecedented and historic cooperation between orthodox Jews and Non-Jews in Israel and across the nations, all united by our commitment to the timeless wisdom of the Torah of Moses and the Hebrew Prophets of Israel.

Through our exclusive video-courses, personalized coaching, and vibrant social community, TorahClub offers an extraordinary opportunity to delve deep into the profound teachings of our ancient heritage. Under the watchful guidance of esteemed rabbis, we passionately strive towards a momentous goal – the complete and full restoration of the 12 tribe kingdom of Israel, known as "Geulah."

As a member of TorahClub, you'll actively contribute to this meaningful mission, which includes the reestablishment of the revered Sanhedrin, the restoration of the Davidic Dynasty with the crowning of King Moschiach, and the awe-inspiring dream of building the Temple in Jerusalem as a House of Prayer for all Nations, just as our revered prophets envisioned.

Join us on this transformative journey of spiritual growth and the shared pursuit of a brighter future for humanity. Embrace the legacy of our ancestors and play a vital role in the momentous journey towards unity, wisdom, and a world of lasting peace. Let TorahClub be your home for learning, connection, and shaping history together!


Join Our Friends & Partners Around The World

Discover our Global Partners! 🌍🤝 Explore their offerings and connect with us. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about our worldwide Torah study, charity, and prayer services, and to connect with our global communities.

Torah Club Community

Experience TorahClub: Uniting Orthodox Jews and Non-Jews worldwide in the timeless wisdom of Torah and Hebrew Prophets. Join our exclusive courses, guided by esteemed rabbis, as we work towards restoring the 12 tribe kingdom of Israel, including the revered Sanhedrin, the Davidic Dynasty, and the Temple in Jerusalem. Be part of our journey toward unity, wisdom, and lasting peace. Join TorahClub for learning, connection, and shaping history together!

Torah Club Community

Torah Club Video Courses

Unprecedented Cooperation between Jews and Non-Jews within the framework of the “Sanhedrin Initiative"

The Torah Club's teachings and message. goes forth under rabbinical supervision and gives Non-Jewish members of the Noahide Social Online Community direct access to the highest quality torah classes given over by orthodox Rabbis in the holy land.

Offline activities and events for Torah observant Non-Jews, organized from our NOE and SI Golan Embassy in Israel

We organize Conferences, Tours and events in Synagogues, Chabad Houses and Ephi Centers all across the holy land. in addition to the best tourist spots in Israel. Travel the Holy Land in the footsteps of Avraham together with Torah observant tour guides for a full 100% Kosher experience in the Holy Land and Participate in our Sanhedrin Initiative Conferences.

Video Series Trailer: Post-Apokalypse Angebot fĂĽr Ungeimpfte - German

Ăśber die letzten 7 Jahre hat die Apokalypse stattgefunden und die Worte der biblischen Propheten haben sich erfĂĽllt. Die Toten sind auferstanden und das Mysterium Babylon ist gelĂĽftet. Was Du jetzt brauchst ist "Ephraim's 3 Schritte Post Apokalypse Ăśberlebenstraining"


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Learn The Basics : 

- 7 Laws OF Noach.

- Be a Good Non Jew.

- Treating Your Fellow Man Properly.

- Being a Good Jew.

- How To BE a Good Jew.

- How To Be a Good Non Jew.

- How to process the Corona .

- How To process The War IN Israel.

- How to give Charity Correctly.

- How to Know if A Jew is Real.

- How to know what is the word of G-d.

- How to Know if You Aer From The Lost Tribes.

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Global Impact

Our mission is both incredible and globally impactful, as the Torah should be.

Purpose Dirven Life

While many walk the world aimlessly or with misdirection, we have reason, we understand how everything matters, and how to use our free choice.

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The News is Fake, the War on Zion, Israel and the Jewish People is Real.

and we are living through an information warfare against the most fundamental truths and the very sanctity of Life.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The Torah is the central and most sacred text in Judaism. It consists of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible (know as the Old Testament). The five books of the Torah are:

1.Genesis (Bereishit): This book includes stories of the creation of the world, the patriarchs and matriarchs, and the early history of the Jewish people.

2.Exodus (Shemot): Exodus tells the story of the Israelites' liberation from slavery in Egypt, the receiving of the Ten Commandments, and their journey in the wilderness.

3.Leviticus (Vayikra): Leviticus contains laws and rituals related to priestly duties, sacrifices, and holiness. It also outlines ethical and moral guidelines.

4.Numbers (Bamidbar): This book records the census of the Israelites, their travels through the wilderness, and various events and laws.

5.Deuteronomy (Devarim): Deuteronomy contains speeches and sermons delivered by Moses to the Israelites on the plains of Moab, just before they enter the Promised Land. It includes a restatement of many laws and ethical teachings.

The Torah is considered the foundation of Jewish law, ethics, and religious practice. It is studied, revered, and followed by Jews and mankind worldwide and plays a central role in synagogue worship and Jewish life. Additionally, the Torah is read publicly during weekly synagogue services, with the entire text being completed over the course of a year in a cycle known as the annual Torah reading cycle.

Once, in a distant land, the Israelites, after years of slavery in Egypt, journeyed through the wilderness, led by Moses. They arrived at the awe-inspiring Mount Sinai, where God's presence was unmistakable—thunder, lightning, and a shofar's call filled the air.

Moses climbed the mountain and received stone tablets with the 10 divine commandments. These Ten Commandments were the heart of a new covenant between God and the Israelites, emphasizing ethics and morality. The people pledged their loyalty to God, cementing their special bond through the torah.

This momentous event at Mount Sinai became the foundation of Jewish identity, celebrated on Shavuot, and a timeless source of inspiration for Jewish life and practice.

The bible is known to the Christian world as the word of g-d.

It includes the old testament known as the 5 books of Moses – or simply – the torah  -

In the new testament – Jesus tells the Christian truth seeker to follow the torah as the world depends on it – and no one can reach the kingdom of heaven without following the law. As he says “ heaven and earth shall seize before one letter of the law shall seize”

In a digital world where social media giants ruled the land, there was a visionary individual who saw a need for a special place. A place where the timeless wisdom of the Torah could be shared without fear of being silenced or banned.

This visionary decided to build a virtual home, a social media platform dedicated to the Torah, its teachings, and the people who cherished them. On this unique platform, Jews and their allies could come together, sharing their faith, knowledge, and a deep sense of community.

As word spread, the Torah-focused social media platform became a gathering place for those who sought to learn, share, and celebrate the rich traditions of Judaism. It was a sanctuary where the beauty of Torah was celebrated, and a testament to unity among people from all walks of life who were bound together by their reverence for this sacred text.

In this digital realm, censorship and bans were replaced by open dialogue and understanding. The Torah's teachings flourished, and the platform became a beacon of hope and knowledge for those who wanted to connect, learn, and embrace the values it offered.

And so, in this digital age, the Torah's timeless wisdom found a safe haven, and a community united by shared values found a home.

Learning in the Torah club via video offers the advantage of accessibility and flexibility, allowing individuals to engage with the Torah's teachings from the comfort of their own homes, at their own pace, and with the support of a community of learners. It brings the wisdom of the Torah to a wider audience, transcending geographical boundaries and providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

In a world filled with challenges and opportunities, the urgency to unite for the children of Israel is like a call to gather around a shared purpose. It's a tale of preserving a rich heritage, defending against historical and contemporary threats, and creating a safe haven.

The urgency lies in the need to protect Jewish identity, ensure the safety and security of communities, and advocate for their rights in an ever-changing world. It's about weaving a tight-knit tapestry of support, education, and solidarity for the generations to come, embracing the wisdom of unity to navigate the complexities of the modern age.

This Is Why Torah Club Matters - Never Have A Torah Video Deleted Again

As seen below, social media is unreliable for the truth seeker. That's why torah club is here. We ensure freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and self determination for all our rabbis and Noahides in our torah club community.


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