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Über die letzten 7 Jahre hat die Apokalypse stattgefunden und die Worte der biblischen Propheten haben sich erfüllt. Die Toten sind auferstanden und das Mysterium Babylon ist gelüftet. Was Du jetzt brauchst ist "Ephraim's 3 Schritte Post Apokalypse Überlebenstraining"


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Mystery Babylon Rome-Berlin

In Pope Francis Biblical Prophecy of Daniel and the Book of the Apocalypse was fulfilled from 25.5.2014 and 25.5.2021 

As highest legal authority on earth, he released several executive orders and renewed the criminal law CIC.

In our Beast Report, we deal with the Law of Rome in light of the Torah and the relationship towards Jerusalem and the Jewish People.
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Torah Faithful are Right vs. Radical Left Corona Terror

Samaria belong to Ephraim, Judea to the Jewish People, Jerusalem is the Capital of the the 12 Tribe Kingdom of Israel and the place where the Most Holy Temple and House of Prayer for all Nations will be built as written in the Laws of our Fathers,

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