New Video Series For All Torah Club Members! Mr. Gaddi & Rabbi Yosef - Halacha

#torahclubupdates Nov 14, 2023

We welcome Mr. Gaddi Lingamurthy and his Beit Yisrael Community , Hyderabad, India to the Sanhedrin Initiative and kick off with a great video series of the Jewish Halacha going thorough the Shulchan Aruch while adding Chasidic Insights along the way..

Mr. Gaddi of BEITYISRAELINTERNATIONAL.COM & Rabbi Yosef - Jewish Laws Halacha - Zoom Call Video Series 5784 MNGLOBAL.ORG A Sanhedrin Initiative Cooperation

Mr. Gaddi Lingamurthy is a Ultra Orthodox Noahide and leads the Bet Yisrael International Community Servicing Hundreds of Members in India. He’s  a member of The NOE and has Joined The Sanhedrin Initiative as a Ultra Orthodox Chasidic Noahide Advisor Representing His Community.

Lead Advisor to the Sanhedrin Initiative, founder of, his work includes spreading the message of redemption as a follower of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a, works with communities globally, hosts conferences on topics of the Sanhedrin, 7 laws of Noah, global stability in a Torah based fashion, has visited the Knesset in israel & proposed the Sanhedrin initiative there. currently working with academic, political religious and security bodies to give direction and advice as a Sanhedrin advisor.    

Here they Come Together to learn Halacha together, in their quest prepare the world for Moshiach and to fulfill the prophecies of the Redemption.

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