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We will Join You to the Social Community: Torah Club Group and add 3 Amazing Video Series with tens of hours of Torah Study - added to your library - to get you started.

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1. Social Community: Torah Club

By: Ephraim Media Truth

Study and Work together, to bring back the 12 tribes Kingdom to Israel, Re-Establish the Davidic Dynasty and build the Temple as a House of Prayer for all Nations.

What People Are Saying:

Torah Club is a marvellous opportunity to connect with like-minded friends, to study together the word of god and to bring faster the redemption for all the tribes of Israel đŸ‡®đŸ‡± As Chief Content Performer it is an honour to be part of developing this great social community.

Alexander Horn

Der Torah Club bietet mir eine ausgezeichnete Ausbildung in der Torah, in meinem Business und in meinem Leben.

Juri Nasirow

Als Social Media Manager bei Ephraim Media Truthâ„¢ konnte ich Ă¼ber den Torah Club meine persönlichen Ziele sowie im Business ein aller Form verwirklichen.

Christian Schmitt

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