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When not now - When? When not We - Who? - The Religious Freedom of Ephraim is to make Peace with Judah for the Sake of Zion.

Ephraim Nation

The descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob left in Europe

Mount Zion

#NewDeal United Kingdom of Israel

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We Want Moschiach Now! 

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Nachdem Olli sich Jahrelang auf der Suche nach er Wahrheit Tausende Menschen mit seinen Beiträgen beeinflußt hat, ist es nun an der Zeit JEDEN auf die Zion Elite Academy aufmerksam zu machen.


#JoinFor10 - Zion Elite Academy

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#JoinFor10 FDP Christian Linder - Tagesschau 10.2.2020

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#JoinFor10 - Zion Elite Academy

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"There is no Redemption without Ephraim"

Rabbi Avraham Feld, Director Kol Hator - Weekls Bible Reading #18 -Year 5773 (2012/2013) - Feb. 9, 2013

"For real now... wtf do you think the Moschiach has to do to come out of the clouds, when he can’t afford a ticket? "

Go figure...

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