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Zion elite

The Zion centered Post Apokalypse Education Channel and Business Intelligence Service for the Elect of Israel in German and English 

What you'll get:

  • Instant Access to the Zion elite Document Vault
    • Das Gesetz Roms
      • Full collection of relevant legal texts and contracts by the US Government, the Church of Rome, Germany and Israel
      • If you do not know these laws, you are doomed to loose everything
    • Ephraim's Briefe
      • The letter to the Pope, registered 24.8.17, opened the Abyss of the 5th Trumpet
      • The personal Email to Michael Jay Solomon from 25.4.2018, which caused the US government down on 22.12.2018
      • The letter to David Friedman 30.7.2018 made Putin visit Germany
      • The letters to David De Rothschild from 23.8.18 & 10.9.2018
      • The letter to Donald Trump, received on 1.10.18, with a $1 payment for the bankrupt USA Government and to DJT "The FED is Crazy", The Dow ended 11.10 at 25052, 83 - on 25.05.2 I turned 35
      • The letter to the German Kardinal, who holds 370 million Euros in Shares and 3,6 Billion Euros in Bonds, with the demand of transfer, received by Woelki 5.11.18
    • the "Scrolls of War" 
      • 325 p. Received by the US and German Government
      • 200 p. Received by the Guardian of the Apostolic Property
    • Documentation and Presentation
      • full legal documentation Ulf Diebel, including tax numbers, contracts, birth certificates 
      • documentation of the legal development of Ephraim, priest of the Order of Melchizedek from 1.1.2015 - 25.5.2018
      • 600 p. presentation, covering Theology, Economy, Business, Legal to solve the legal case of the heir of Israel
  • Zion elite Edition
    • exclusive Video Magazine Format with Pdf documentation
    • Not by Might, nor by Power, but by the Spirit
    • Learn with Moschiach

From 1996 - 2007 I lived in Jerusalem and travelled the World. In 1998 I started my first magazine Israel Monthly. My second, the "Word from Jerusalem" of the ICEJ is sent since 2000 to a 100 nations.

From 1.1.2008 - 1.1.2015 I was "cut-off" from Jerusalem and the USA and stand in Berlin.

A call from Jerusalem ended 7 years of Daniel 4 and 1260 days of Revelation started, ending with the 72nd Birthday of Donald Trump on 14.6.2018, since 25.5.15 (my 48.) I officially work as "Ephraim, Priest of the Order of Melchizedek" under the (theoretical) protection of the German basic law GG Art. 4, 9 & 140 to bring about a peace in Jerusalem based on a New Covenant between the House of Israel and the House of Judah as prescribed in Jeremia 31.